A History of Expertise

R.L. Brown Experience

The men and women of R.L. Brown Construction are dedicated to outstanding customer service, quality construction, and sound business management principles. It’s been that way for 45 years and will remain that way for as long as we’re in business.

We've completed major reconstruction, new construction, tenant improvement, and litigation support projects across Northern California and Northern Nevada, from San Francisco to Reno and Gilroy to Santa Rosa.

Our Expertise

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Major Reconstruction

The RLBCI crew repairs and rebuilds HOA buildings, large apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and hotels and resorts to correct construction defects. From faulty waterproofing systems to leaking windows or failing siding, RLBCI works with safety and quality in mind, often in areas that are occupied.

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Tenant Improvements

Our team creates commercial spaces, professional offices, showrooms, and retail storefronts. Our experience includes exterior and interior work, including complete space reconfigurations, bathroom and kitchen additions, lighting, wiring, plumbing, and final finishes. We offer expertise in project scoping, design, cost control, and working in occupied spaces.

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Construction Litigation Support

After 45 years of completing a host of construction projects, RLBCI can offer a professional, detailed perspective on construction defect issues. Our experts have provided construction litigation support for more than 20 years. They are specialists in defect investigation and destructive testing, scope of repair proposals and analysis, and expert witness testimony.


Residential Reconstruction

A home is so much more than a house. RLBCI’s early days were spent helping homeowners restore their homes after construction defects were discovered, after water or fire damage, or repairing faulty decks and patios. Our concern is working within the family’s living situation and delivering quality craftsmanship.


LEED / Green Building

Implementing green building practices to new construction is a specialty at RLBCI. We partner with building owners at the start of the project and assist with scope, design, and cost analysis and then map out our building practices to align with LEED and Green Building guidelines. Our team is committed to bringing financial and ecological value to every LEED and Green Building construction opportunity.

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New Construction

From dirt to final finishes, RLBCI delivers commercial, condominium, apartment, resort, and residential construction projects. Our team starts with (or creates) a clear job site and using a set of plans and integrates with engineers, owners, inspectors, and tradespeople while providing transparency and communication throughout the process.

We’ve Worked In

RLBCI has completed projects in Northern California and Nevada,
from San Francisco to Reno and Gilroy to Santa Rosa.

  • Timothy Wood
    "In all my travels and professional dealings with Chief Executive Officers, Executive V.P.’s, and Chief Operative Officers, I have never seen or experienced the care, professionalism, diligence, and concern for people your staff has exemplified here at the Canyon Meadows condominium complex."
    Timothy Wood
    Canyon Meadows Condominium Complex
  • Connie Tomcik
    "We were faced with a monumental addition and improvement of the second floor of our medical building. Full operation of the first-floor medical practice was required during construction. This was not an easy task but the entire process was done with skill and the utmost regard for our staff and patients' safety. Along with the quality craftsmanship, the crew was extremely conscious and respectful of their language and tidiness. The entire experience was professional and friendly."
    Connie Tomcik
    Advanced Laser & Skin Care Center
  • Glenn Granada
    "Having worked on two challenging projects with R.L. Brown, I appreciated their effort to find creative and practical solutions to the various complex construction issues that would arise. Moreover, their fairness and honesty in managing detailed project cost and schedule changes made the projects much easier to manage."
    Glenn Granada
    Swinerton Management and Consulting
  • Paul Collins of Collins Management
    "Replacing cedar shingle siding is difficult work under the best of circumstances, but try doing it on a 65 unit mid-rise condominium with countless protrusions, balconies, decorative walls and strange angles and things get really tough. Now repeat this work on three more buildings of identical size (but not shape) on the side of a steep hill, and do so in less than a year, with fully occupied condos under the watchful eye of a very demanding Board of Directors. By the way, you must stay on budget with minimal change orders. The workmanship must be superb and any warranty items must be addressed immediately. If you are able to achieve all of the above, you are in the same league as R.L. Brown."
    Paul Collins of Collins Management
    Brickyard Landing
  • Jim Mendygral of Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger
    "R.L. Brown is a quality contractor who can deliver on their promise to provide detail-oriented and client-focused construction services. Their dedication to the client and project objectives are clear from the outset of the planning process and carry through to their attentive execution of their work. At the end of the day, it is all about quality, value and a commitment to the client – ideals that R.L. Brown has proven they can deliver."
    Jim Mendygral of Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger
    400 Mare Island Way
  • Cedric Young of Madison Marquette
    "R.L. Brown’s attention to detail and planning were outstanding for the two major renovation projects that they successfully completed for us. Our tenants were able to remain open with minimal disruption to their business, and without complaints. They communicated regularly with the tenants to minimize any inconvenience. R.L. Brown is in business, to stay in the business; they are able to recognize the importance of customer service."
    Cedric Young of Madison Marquette
    Bay Street, Emeryville

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